Zapier has been extended with a module to connect to the Shoxl platform.

How to use the Shoxl integration?

Setup in Vendisto

Create an application named Zapier using the Applcation managment section. Generate token by selecting the recently created application and pressing the button on the bottom. This token will be used in the Zapier platform to Authenticate when connecting to the Vendisto API.

Setup in Zapier

In the Zapier platform you should create an account and then create a Zap using the Shoxl integration available and other app that you desire. During the setup of the Zap you will be prompted to select a trigger. Our current version provides 3 triggers:

Trigger which is fired when new order has been created

  1. new Order

    When a new order is created in Vendisto, the order and order line data is sent to Zapier.

  2. new News Item

    When a new news item is created in Vendisto, the information about the item is sent to Zapier.

  3. new Customer

    When a new customer is created in Vendisto, the information about the customer is sent to Zapier.

  4. new Product

    When new products are imported in Vendisto, they will be sent to Zapier.

Example usage of the new Order trigger

In Zapier

  1. Start creating a new Zap

    1. Choose application - Select Shoxl

    2. Choose trigger - Select Order trigger

    3. Choose an account to connect with - Create a new connection account and authenticate using the token you created earlier preceded with "Bearer ". More information on that in the Application management.

    4. Test the trigger and get sample data (this will be the last created order in Vendisto).

    5. Select an app to connect to the Shoxl integration and use the data the trigger returns to setup the desired recipient.

  2. After you created the Zap, you should turn it on. At this moment Zapier subscribes to Vendisto, using the available REST hooks, and will get notified when new order is created in Vendisto.

In Vendisto

To trigger the newly created Zap you should create a new order and press the "Confirm" button.

Currently, the Shoxl integration is available on an invitation-only basis in Zapier. Please contact Shoxl support if you want to use it.

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