Product feed settings

The product feed settings enable you to map fields required from the feed receiver, that do not explicitly exist in Vendisto, to either setting value (plain text) or existing product property.

Create Product feed settings

Product feed settings are created in the section Settings/Product feed settings

A product feed setting consists of an feed, setting name, setting value and a product property

  • The feed is used to specify to which feed this product feed setting belongs. The feeds come from the feeds section. If a feed is disabled its settings will be hidden and vice versa.

  • The setting name is the name you give to the setting. For mapping purposes it is mandatory to follow the naming conventions of the specific application the product feed setting is for.

    • Example: In the screenshot above if you change the name "color" to "colour" you will not get the value for that field in the product feed for that specific application.

  • The setting value is used for setting constant values to product feed settings which are not product properties in Vendisto.

  • The product property is used to select a specific product property from Vendisto, which will be mapped to the specific field in the product feed.

The language and shopurl settings are mandatory to create for each separate product feed, independently of the application, because the feed depends heavily on them.

The language should be a two-character phrase following the ISO standard.

The shopurl should be the domain of your shop.

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