The Excel sheet for the import of article group information must contain the following columns

  • Original Title (only required if productdata is linked to an external datapool)

  • Title

  • Description Header

  • Description Footer

  • Kind

  • Classification Path

  • Brand

  • Logo

  • Position

  • Supplier GLN

  • Manufacturer GLN

  • Lifetime State

  • GroupImage1

  • GroupImageDescription1

  • GroupIcon1

  • GroupIconDescription1

  • GroupDocument1

  • GroupDocumentDescription1

  • GroupMedia1

  • GroupmediaDescription1

  • AuthorizationProfile

  • VatRateCC

Failed imports will result in error messages being added to rows that violate import rules.

Original Title

This column contains the Article Group Name as specified in an external system. It will only be shown if it has been specified in the system settings that Vendisto is linked to an external datapool.

Classification path

The classification path can be specified in the classification import, but alternatively also by providing this information in the article group import sheet. It should then have the format:


Example Classification Path: NL/Badgoed/Handdoeken

The number of classification nodes specified should match the number which is defined for the shop. If nodes are missing, the classification path will not be imported.

The import will create new nodes only if you are doing a full import, otherwise it will report the error that a classification node that has been specified is unknown.


For each country for which a VAT rate has been defined, a columns should be added with the heading VatRate and the country code (CC) appended.

Example Column Heading: VatRateNL

This column must contain a number of two digits max, and 2 decimals max.

If a VAT rate is uploaded that did not yet exist for the specific country, it will be added to the list of available VAT rates for that country and be labeled "Imported".

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